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I'm Clair

As the founder of Clair Monet Creative, I am so happy you made it to my corner of the internet. Monet is my middle name after my great grandma. Although spelt like Monet the artist, it is pronounced
Mo- Net.  I am living and creating in Seattle. Over the last 5 years I have adventured into the realm of  digital marketing but found my true passion creating branding and websites for entrepreneurs just like you.  I have a both a bachelors degree in Journalism as well as Communications Studies. Prior to entrepreneurship, I had the pleasure of working with companies in Public Relations as well as digital marketing across a variety of fields.

Bad-ass, Brand Visionary, Dog Mom

I have a two year old corgi named Cannon, and I obsess over organization, wine, speakeasy bars, extra spicy bloody marys, interior design, cooking and trying new foods, coffee, travel and business. Honestly, I consider myself a life-longer learner and don’t shy away from diving in and learning new things. 

It brings me great joy to use my expertise to help female entrepreneurs discover their personal brand and how to utilize what makes them unique to attract their tribe. I get lost in my passion to find the perfect aesthetic to bring a client’s vision to life and create a lasting brand identity—a brand identity that is 110% you and your business.


My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cannon


Trying new wines like it's my job


Cooking and trying new foods are my happy place


Exploring the world like it's going out of style

my favorite things


"Clair took my vague vision and brought it to life in my branding and website as well as provided me with every resource I could have wanted along the way. I wouldn’t have been able to successfully establish a brand and get my business off the ground without her!"

-Taylor from Hello Honey Home Staging

"Clair's innate ability to take my thoughts and put them into action is uncanny. She is a true professional that produces amazing work & results. Without her, my brand wouldn't be a reality. If you're needing branding, logos, or any creative direction Look no further. You won't find someone with a better visoin and execution."

-Tori  From Birch & Hide

"Clair is a genius. 24 Hours after my new site launched I sold one of my paintings."

- Vicki From Victoria Chaban Design

"Clair is excellent on either creating your website with input from you, or you can have a more "hands on" creating with her. Very creative, great ideas, and easy to work with. I was hesitant to invest in branding and website design but after hiring Clair I feel confident that I did the right thing."

- Diane From DC Redesign Home Staging


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