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A creative studio for the Laid-back luxury  entrepreneur

Branding + Website Design 

Branding + Website Design 

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Creating Brands, Websites and Experiences for Smart Innovative Entrepreneurs  through an Edgy and Unique Vision Paired With A Collaborative Sprit and Expert Experience. 

I'm Clair, the founder

Have you ever felt like you were meant to do more; to be more; to reach new heights in your business? My name is Clair and I took the leap to do that very thing. What exactly was I looking for, the freedom and flexibility that I knew would only come from taking a huge leap of faith and starting my own business.

So here I am! Now I am a designer and brand strategist in Seattle, Washington. 

I’m the dreamer, doer, and maker here at Clair Monet Creative.

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Bad-Ass, Brand Visionary, Dog Mom

I help bring your dreams to life

Clair Monet Creative comes alongside modern entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their brand and design a business that authentically reflects their unique gifts and passions. Are you ready?

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Lux Branding + Website Design

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show stopping showit website templates for creatives

Shop the fully customizable website templates for the Showit platform.  The easy drag and drop platform makes customizing your website a breeze and getting you a gorgeous website without the high price tag. 


"Clair took my vague vision and brought it to life in my branding and website as well as provided me with every resource I could have wanted along the way. I wouldn’t have been able to successfully establish a brand and get my business off the ground without her!"

-Taylor from Hello Honey Home Staging

"Clair's innate ability to take my thoughts and put them into action is uncanny. She is a true professional that produces amazing work & results. Without her, my brand wouldn't be a reality. If you're needing branding, logos, or any creative direction Look no further. You won't find someone with a better visoin and execution."

-Tori  From Birch & Hide

"Clair is a genius. 24 Hours after my new site launched I sold one of my paintings."

- Vicki From Victoria Chaban Design

"Clair is excellent on either creating your website with input from you, or you can have a more "hands on" creating with her. Very creative, great ideas, and easy to work with. I was hesitant to invest in branding and website design but after hiring Clair I feel confident that I did the right thing."

- Diane From DC Redesign Home Staging


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