Google Font Pairings to Look Professional AF

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things to do is discover new fonts. A strong font pairing can help elevate your brand, setting the tone for how your business is perceived. 

Nothing beats finding the perfect font to give your brand the perfect modern, laid-back luxury vibe. I have a HUGE advocate that purchasing fonts are the best option to really take your DIY branding to the next level. However, that does not mean that there are not great free fonts at your fingertips. 

When picking your fonts it’s important to pick out 2 – 3 fonts:  a header, a subheader, and a body copy and stick to them. Set up a hierarchy of these fonts and don’t just use them randomly. Nail down your type suite in order to create trust, continuity, and brand recognition! 

Here are Six Google Font Pairings that will make you look professional AF.

Header: Oswald Regular

Subheader: Space Mono Regular

Body: Karla Regular

Header: Playfair Display Regular

Subheader: Playfair Display Italics

Body: Raleway Regular

Header: Karla Regular

Subheader: Prata Regular

Body: Karla Regular

Header: Julius Sans One Regular

Subheader: Monda Bold

Body: Poppins Extra Light

Header: Karla Regular

Subheader: Inconsolata Regular

Body: Inconsolata Regular

If you are ready to gain confidence in your brand and start showing up in your business as the badass CEO you are hiring a professional designer is one of the best investments in your business. Take out the guesswork and start believing in yourself.


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