Why a professional designer is a great investment

You have an idea for a business and you have put together a plan. Maybe you have tried your hand at a logo but it just isn’t “right”, or you opened up Squarespace because that’s what you were told you had to use but, oh my gosh, that was a nightmare. Don’t worry, designers have heard it all. Let’s talk about why a professional designer is a great investment in your business.

Rirst, I know that hiring a designer to help bring your vision to life can be a scary investment! But it might just be the one thing you need to take your idea from just that, an idea, and turn it into a business worth buying from. 

In a world where consumers have a million and one options, why would you want to blend into the crowd, or worse yet, stand out in a bad way?

I often see entrepreneurs afraid to invest in their business with a brand and website. Similarly, they think they should take the cheap route with companies like Fiverr. Good design is an investment! Investing in high quality, you will make that investment back and more with a perfectly strategized design.

Here are 4 reasons hiring a designer will help your business:

1. Good Design Builds credibility and trust: 

Think back to the last time you were deciding on a product to buy. You pulled up the trusty Google search and saw a list of options. One website looks like they haven’t made a change since the ’90s, their ease of navigation was non-existent, and it was unclear what they sell. The next website you clicked was crystal clear, easy to navigate, and supplied all the information you wanted and more. Plus, it had a clear way to contact the business. Which business would you buy from? By investing in your brand and website, you are communicating that you’re a credible business. Additionally, by promoting trust, you show that you care about your customer’s time. Be the business with a brand that looks professional. Only then will your customers trust you with their purchasing power. 

2. It will make your brand memorable and stand out: 

Good design is like a cute cafe; you walk in and it feels as if it was meant for you. It’s a place you can spend hours at and still want to come back time and time again. The effort put into the experience is clear from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Branding so much more than a pretty logo, professional design is the overall brand experience! By working with a good designer, you are going to dig deep into the who, what, and why of your brand, basing each decision on strategy. This experience allows you to truly connect with your future, dream clients. 

3. Good Design Communicated quality: 

Your brand is sending a message to everyone who comes across it whether you like it or not. When your branding and website look thrown together and inconsistent, it makes your business unprofessional AF! Unprofessional says poor quality.  

4. Hiring a Professional Reduce stress and overwhelm for YOU: 

Many designers say that their own branding is the hardest project they will ever do.  Personally, it has taken me countless, difficult months to get my own brand to a place I am proud of. As a non-designer, this can be even more stressful! By offloading this task to a professional, you are able to free yourself up to do what you do best! Starting and growing a business is hard work and long hours. Why add more to your plate? 

So why is a professional designer a great investment? Investing in your business is investing in its success. It’s about believing in yourself and knowing you have what it takes to make your business a success. More so than that, it is giving yourself the opportunity to succeed!

How do you expect people to want to spend their money on your business when you aren’t even willing to invest in it yourself?

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