How To Stock Your Bar cart

Over the last few years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home that didn’t have a bar cart. I don’t remember when it happened, but they became THE thing. When Eric and I moved into our first home together, the bar cart was one of our first, if not the first, purchase and has been with us for three moves now. Luckily, it has evolved from just holding two buck chuck and a handle of vodka. Now we class it up a bit with a variety of alcohol and drink-making essentials. 


So let’s crack into how to stock your bar cart! 


The must-have items to stock your bar cart, or if you are like me, bar “cabinet”:

The staple liquor 

No matter what your favorite spirit of choice is, it is important to keep one of each basic liquor on hand. 

    • Bourbon/Whiskey – Eric is a Jack Daniels fan, so typically that’s in stock. However, I recently found Off Hours Bourbon. I might have to acquire a taste for whiskey just for that; the branding is to die for.   
    • Gin – Gin is my favorite! Empress Gin is one of the best and makes for a gorgeous drink. 
    • Vodka – Kettle one is a vodka we tend to pick if we can’t find other comparable options. However, Hangar 1 is also a good one. 
    • Tequila – I really like Altos tequila. It doesn’t break the bank and it has citrus undertones that compliment a Paloma. However, I am also passionate about its use in a good spicy margarita. 
    • Rum – I will admit that I basically never have on hand because rum drinks aren’t my go-to. However, Bacardi is a classic option and makes for a great mojito. Backstory! Eric and I wen’t to the Bacardi factory a few years ago, and I’ve never had a better mojito (the trick is to slap and twist the mint to express the oil, versus chopping it up and creating swamp water.)
    • Wine – I generally have at least one white, red, rose, and some bubbly!  


There are a handful of cocktails out there that call for bitters, such as an old fashioned. I always keep Angostura and grapefruit bitters on hand.


 Bar tools 

Bar tools have served as a perfect gift for Eric over the years. I LOVE the set from Crate and Barrel, but as long as you have a wine opener, muddler, jigger, martini shaker, and stirrer you are set. I also have a boujee wine-stopper for when I’m feeling fancy.



I am anal about coasters, so I have numerous sets around the house. I don’t think there is such a thing as too many coasters! The two sets I have are from Target and Anthropology.



Who else is a sucker for cool glassware? I 100% am and might even have a low-key problem with collecting a variety of glasses. If you want to make sure you have a glass for every situation, you should make sure to have rocks, wine, and martini glasses as well as champagne flutes on hand. However, I am guilty of having only rocks and wine glasses but find that those work just fine.



Tonic water, club soda, and ginger beer are staples in our house. I can’t turn down a good G & T. 



A few extra liquors that I always have available are St. Germaine and Aperol! Another must-have is citrus; if you take anything away here, it’s to keep citrus on hand! No matter what cocktail you’re making, you won’t be sad you kept limes, lemons, and oranges at the ready.

Clair opening a bottle of 7 moons wine from the bar cart


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