How to Say NO as a Business Owner

Saying NO is something that I have struggled with A LOT in my business as well as in my life. However, after many years of saying YES, even when it pained me I now feel confident in sharing how to say NO as a business owner and set boundaries in your life and business. 

Everyone doesn’t need to have constant access to you and that is okay and we need to start normalizing that.  

This concept can be broken down into two parts. Saying No to work when you are growing your business and saying no to current clients in order to maintain boundaries and sanity. 

In order to make sure you have boundaries with your clients  Here are a few ways to break it down. 

From the moment you start a project make it clear how you work and what they can expect from you. Layout your set working hours. Take control of your time so that you can say goodbye to late-night emails or weekends glued to your computer. 

All of this will also set the precedent for your clients to respect you! The always available yes man is not the one that people respect. 

Now let’s crack into how to say no to work! This can be a hard one because it feels like by turning down work as you are growing a business you are shooting yourself in the foot. 

That is false! Mostly… yes you might need the work but I have found that typically the jobs that I should have said no to end up coming at the cost of my sanity because they are unaligned. 

The best part about owning a business is deciding when something is not serving you and letting it go! Saying no to the things that don’t align in order to allow space for the HECK YES opportunities.

How many times have you heard no? I’d bet that it’s quite a bit; it comes with the job. Believe it or not, you can say NO too! It starts with you getting crystal clear on your goals then saying no to the opportunities that do not fit into that picture. 

It truly comes down to knowing you’re the King, CEO, and President of your life and business. Stay in your magic baby and stay aligned with why you are doing what you are doing!

If you want to learn more about what lead me to fall in love with NO ( hint, it had to do with the 2020 crazy) head to one of my recent post here.

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