What I learned in the whirlwind of 2020

I don’t think I need to say it again but 2020 has been a whirlwind. Not only were we forced to sit down and slow down but we had to evaluate what is truly important. Even though we were all in the same situation we experienced it differently. I’m here to share what I learned in the whirlwind of 2020.

I feel like this year has been an awakening for everyone. For me as a business owner, it was critical that I slow down, evaluating what I am doing and why.

2020 was the year of boundaries and learning how to say no.

In the past, I am a notorious yes man or the all too familiar “will do!” Even when I don’t want to or it doesn’t serve my goals. This year I was forced to wake up and realize that by being the yes man I am failing myself. This year I got crystal clear on my passion, saying no to anything that doesn’t serve my purpose.

I dove into new skills and also into myself. 

This year we were forced to slow down we no longer were able to hide under the term “busy.” Everyone else was slowing down and focusing on family and slowing down. So in typical entrepreneur fashion, I dove into books and learning new skills in order to further my business and create a better high-end experience for my clients. 

I made time for what really matters and cut out things that no longer work or serve my goals. 

Some of you might know, others might not but I started my business in social media management. I enjoyed it for a while but came to a point where I was constantly burnt out and working around the clock. Social media never stops so I never stopped.

This year I sat down and really dove into what I was truly passionate about and pumped the breaks and shifted gears.

I had been doing design work before but as more of a side project or fun work. But what lit me up inside was bringing other business owner’s ideas to life and helping them create a business that reflected their personality and visions. Why had I not been doing this all along! I was able to go full speed ahead in a new direction, every step exciting me. That’s why I started a business, I aim to help others. I spent the time to perfect my skills and learn new ones that aligned with what I love. I also made time for putting my phone down and enjoying quality time with myself and my family. No more weekends spent glued to Instagram concerned that I would miss responding to comments for a client. 

I realized the value of self-care. 

Since I started my journey as a business owner, I always put my personal needs on the back burner. My clients were my top priority, their needs came first. Don’t get me wrong, my clients are still a priority but this year I found the value in prioritizing myself. When I am happy and fulfilled my client work reflects that. Self-care is critical because we have all heard it, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

What did you learn in the whirlwind of 2020?

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