Refreshing + Chic French Gimlet

If you know me, you know I can’t turn down a classic cocktail. 

There is nothing better than a refreshing and chic drink to fully encompass the laidback luxury vibe. 

Recently I got engaged and as I am planning my wedding I have been adding fun touches to all aspects. In the boxes for my bridesmaids I included a cute drink recipe card and all the ingredients to make it. 

Enjoy this French Gimlet and live your laid back luxury life as the weather warms up. 


2 oz Gin 

1.5 oz St. Germain 

.5 oz Lime Juice 


Add gin, lime, & St. Germain to a cocktail shaker. 

Fill with a handful of ice, shake until combined. 

Pour into a chilled glass & Enjoy. 

French Gimlet Recipe card

If you make this drink, make sure to share it and tag me.

For more cocktails and tips for how I stock my bar cart checkout my other posts.

French Gimlet Recipe card



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